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Matthew Rupp Consulting provides digital marketing for service companies that serve their local market. We only work with market leaders and strive to bring our clients a level of value that is head and shoulders above any other options.

The ideal applicant will work directly with the CEO, Matthew Rupp, on daily tasks and responsibilities to help to keep the trains running on time. The CEO will be doing most of the work (along with remote freelancers) – you’ll be ensuring that he stays on task by managing email communications, the general workload of various clients, and the execution of his various ideas and plans for those clients.

This will initially be a part-time position, but considering the way the agency is growing, market potential, the CEO’s upcoming speaking engagements and other planned online (and offline) ventures, the position could easily grow to become full-time for the right applicant.

  • Assist the CEO by maintaining and managing both the calendar and schedule, as well as incoming emails. This also includes documenting tasks mentioned in emails.
  • Assist with all aspects of client relations, including onboarding, helping the CEO prepare for meetings, and the debrief afterwards.
  • Assist with implementing the Bulletproof Plan. This is our ‘product’ we provide to our clients.



The CEO has tremendous passion, energy and knowledge for our clients and what we do for them. He’s abound with constant ideas, occasionally even a really good one! Your job will be to help manage the fire hose of new ideas and help decide when and where they fit into day-to-day tasks (or if they don’t) and the ones that CAN’T be neglected.

The CEO’s sweet spot is those new ideas, working one on one with clients, creating content and case studies and growing the business. What he needs is someone who can help him keep track of what he tells clients and occasionally doing some of the work he promised. Other times, you’ll help coordinate with the team, but most importantly, you’ll be making sure he is doing the specific tasks required for him each month to execute the Bulletproof Plan (more on this below). If left to his own devices, he will be fighting against the rules, many of which he himself created, and focus more on coming up with even more ideas.



The Bulletproof Plan (BP) is how we help our clients in ten key areas. Each of these areas are broken down into a specific set of tasks that must be executed in different ways (and days of the month) based on their nature.

These tasks may be as simple as reminding a client to ask for reviews, offering to help them if needed, or updating them on how many reviews they have. Other tasks, like content for example, will involve a copywriter, an editor, and the CEO coordinating with the client.

Ultimately, your responsibilities will involve ensuring that the 10 different steps of the BP are executed on time and according to the time allotted through budgeting, and that the budgeting itself is kept up-to-date and communicated to the client.


Important skills necessary for this position:

  • Highly organized and results-focused, with an ability to complete tasks quickly and on-time, with impeccable multi-tasking abilities.
  • Being detail-oriented is paramount; oftentimes, the work we do for our clients involves little things that have huge impacts.
  • Must work well under pressure, thrive in it if possible. We’re constantly juggling the tasks of our various clients, and there are likely many balls in the air at once and dropping any of them is not an option.
  • Proficiency with Windows and aspects of Microsoft Office (365 if possible), specifically Outlook & Excel.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent required.
  • Must be skilled at conducting online research and problem solving. Oftentimes, our clients will present us with a problem, and it will be up to you to figure out how to solve it, or how best to approach a piece of content or a task.


  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as excellent writing, editing, and grammatical skills.
  • Able to build relationships with a friendly and professional demeanor.
  • Comfortable working online with platforms like WordPress, Google My Business, Buffer, and Linkedin.


The ideal candidate has exemplary integrity and loyalty. He or she will directly represent Matthew Rupp Consulting when dealing with a wide variety of clients.



Depending on experience and skill set.

Range $15-$20 / Hour


If you are interested please submit a resume to localseo@matthewrupp.com.


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