HVAC Customer Project Details


Fill out every section you possibly can & as fully as you can. The more information you provide us, the better.

Even if you think it’s not important or very relevant, please add it. Simply put, you can’t give us too much information.

Don’t worry about grammar or spelling.

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Customer First & Last Name
Do you know anything about the customer? Married? Retired? Has dogs? Young kids? Lived in house for 50 years?
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Repeat customer?
How long have they been a customer?
How many times have you been out to their home?(can be approximate)
Did you install the system they had previously?
Do they have a service plan with you?
Customer address(or cross streets that are close)
Name of Neighborhood/ Subdivision
Customers phone
What was the reason for the service call?
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Date service was done
Was it same day service?
What MIGHT a customer say when their system has the problem you described above?(furnace clicking, AC blowing warm air) - These kinds of details are SUPER HELPFUL!
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What was done to fix the customer's problem?
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If they got a new system, did they get a service plan with it?
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What was important to the customer?
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Anything significant another company told them?(that they need a new system when they really don't for example)
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Type of equipment installed(ANY details you can provide is super helpful: the make, model, brand name, size, etc)
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The technician(s) name of who did the installation / work?
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Can you think of anything else that might be helpful?(it was very cold that week, rainy, or hot? They have 13 kids? A puppy? Grandma made everyone cookies?
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SUBMIT PHOTOS(if you have more than ten to submit just visit the page again, enter the customers name, your name, and don't worry about the rest of the form)
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Feel free to submit photos when its convenient for you! Just BEFORE photos are fine (for now) and AFTER when the job is complete. We will worry about turning it all into something useful!