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FINALLY! You know the guy that builds fences but doesn’t have a nice privacy fence because he is so busy building them for everybody else. I hate to admit it but that’s been me. I push, cajole, beg and plead with my clients to ASK for reviews! It hit me last week I need to take my own medicine!

Online reviews are SO important today. They influence buying decisions, convey trust, and …. …. they are also an important ranking factor when it comes to Google.

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If you don’t mind taking just a couple moments and sharing a kind word on any of the platforms below it would truly mean the world to me! Hopefully our hard work, winning personality, integrity and results we delivered is enough but if not I am NOT above outright bribery!

  • I am happy to return the favor and review your business
  • I can send you a list of ways to increase your website traffic or rankings (specific to your business not some crap cookie cutter list)
  • I can run reports using any of the tools I spend pretty big bucks on each month
  • Buy you lunch
  • Or even bring your office Hurts Donuts!

hurts donut

After you leave a review please let me know so I can send you a BIG THANK YOU (and try and figure out how to return the favor)!

Some helpful ideas.

What did you like about your experience working with Matthew? Was he knowledgeable? Present things in a way that makes sense? Was the end result delivered on time and to your standards? Does Matthew and his team work hard to deliver a great result. Does Matthew care about his clients? What did you like best about working with Matthew Rupp Consulting?

(You can say “he’s alright’ or liked my shirt and cologne and just drop 5 stars and I will be grateful) ????

Of course, the big kid on the block, Google is the most important.



Between them and Amazon they will likely be the next giant search engine.

Those are the BIG boys and if you left a review on one of them I am VERY grateful but just as importantly, for local businesses like mine, are directories that for one reason or another Google feels are relevant to my industry and in this market.

SO, if you don’t mind also dropping a line on any of these you will be my new bestie forever!


yelp - Review

Click the link to visit the site – https://www.yelp.com/biz/matthew-rupp-consulting-wichita

What you are looking for:

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manta - Review

Click the link to visit the site – https://www.manta.com/c/mhz1xb4/matthew-rupp-consulting

What you are looking for:

manta ss - Review


yellowpages - Review

Click the link to visit the site – https://www.yellowpages.com/wichita-ks/mip/matthew-rupp-consulting-537707330?lid=537707330

What you are looking for:

yp ss - Review



Click the link to visit the site – http://www.showmelocal.com/profile.aspx?bid=21971215

What you are looking for:

showmelocal review

Merchant Circle


Click the link to visit the site – http://www.merchantcircle.com/matthew-rupp-consulting-wichita-ks

What you are looking for:

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You rock! Thanks so much.

Please shoot me an email and let me know you left a review and I will blah blah blah.