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“Matthew and his team were superb to work with. They are personable, go above and beyond, they were always responsive and definitely helped drive new business to the residential side of our business. We eventually parted ways as our focus shifted more towards bigger jobs in other parts of the country but I can definitely recommend working with them.”

Ben Wilson
Executive Vice President
Decker Electric

“Mr. Rupp and his entire team are amazing to work with! They keep me in constant information regarding any upgrades, updates or changes to my website. They have helped us to double the amount of traffic to our website. I consider them a great partner to be in business with. Highly-recommend.”

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“Matthew and his team genuinely care about the success of Jon Wayne Heating & Air. They are creative, take initiative and are constantly pushing the envelope. They don’t just talk a good game, they come see us, put the time in, take photos, create the content, do graphic design, social media you name it.”

Stephen Jabro
Operations Manager
Jon Wayne Heating & Air

“We first met Matthew Rupp and his team after he created a case study analyzing all the HVAC companies in Wichita. Matthew and his team aren’t your typical, cookie-cutter marketing firm. They are authentic, responsive, creative, and genuinely care about our success. We have seen a significant impact on our bottom line working with Matthew and his team.”

Luke Parthemer
Fenix Heating & Cooling

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cody - What Clients Are Saying

“We first met Matthew Rupp and his team after he created a huge case study analyzing all the HVAC companies in Wichita. It was very eye opening for somebody to translate digital marketing into something our entire team could understand. It was great seeing how we compared in some many areas and to start working their team with a clear set of priorities we felt confident would move us forward. As the largest and oldest family owned HVAC company in Wichita its important our online presence is in great shape. The team at Matthew Rupp Consulting has been invaluable to work with. They are creative, responsive and focused on driving our bottom line! “

“Since we have been working with Matthew and his team, our new website is functioning much better and our website traffic has really taken off. Matthew is full of new ideas! We are ranking higher on Google, thanks to his guidance.”

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cory - What Clients Are Saying

“We first met Matthew Rupp and his team after he created a huge case study analyzing all the HVAC companies in Wichita. He has a knack for taking the complicated and making it easy to understand.

Matthew and his team have done a great job for us at Fenix! I totally recommend them!”

“Matthew and his team know how to make the phone ring. Period.”

Kerry Hansard
Kansas Controls Heating & Cooling
Wichita, KS.

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rmech - What Clients Are Saying

“Matthew and his team are very knowledgeable and have provided excellent customer service. They have managed to an agreed upon timeline and have been accommodating to our busy business environment. If the short-time we have been working with Matthew is an indicator, the engagement will be very successful.”

Mike Corwin
R-Mech Heating, Cooling and Plumbing
Kansas City

“I love working with Matthew Rupp Consulting! They have helped us in so many ways with our website and our on-line presence. They are great to work with and I recommend them to anyone who is looking to grow their business.”

Kristi Christy
Operations Manager
Decker Electric

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dR. WRIGHT 4b - What Clients Are Saying

“I want to express how pleased I am with Matthew Rupp of Matthew Rupp Consulting. He and his company recently redid our old web site (Cambridge Family Dentistry located in Wichita, KS). Wow, were we ever pleased. Matthew is smart, easy to get along with, a hard worker, and knows his stuff. I would highly recommend him to any person who wants to see their Internet business take off and bring in more customers.”

Dr. M Dean Wright
President and Founder
Cambridge Family Dentistry

“Patton Termite and Pest Control is one of the largest and most successful pest control companies in the Midwest. We are constantly approached by advertisers, television and radio news stations and phone book companies who claim to have the magic answers to both ranking high on Google and bringing loads of traffic to our website. We have been with Matthew and his team for about a year and are very happy, but at the constant urging of one of my reps, I sent a manager to listen to one of those SEO “gurus” who lecture to groups of business leaders. It was refreshing to hear that he used a competitor’s site as an example of what not to do and our site as an example of a company that was doing SEO the “right way.” The following week, a local news station offered to run a report grading our SEO in dozens of areas. The scores were fantastic. We actually ranked highest on the report, above two national competitors and two larger local competitors. Their words for us were “whoever is doing your SEO, they need to keep doing what they are doing.” We have seen more interaction, feedback and overall bottom-line results since working with Matthew Rupp Consulting. I highly recommend them.”

Mike Patton
Patton Termite and Pest

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Jaden Randle b - What Clients Are Saying

“I really enjoy our monthly meetings with Matthew. He bring a fresh perspective and a great deal of value to the table. I was really surprised at how thorough Matthew has been in all his interactions with Auto Craft. He is truly a part of the team.”

Jaden Randle
Vice President
Auto Craft Collision Repair

“Matthew brought a great deal of helpful insight, information, and detail which will most certainly bring us closer to our goals. I am very glad he is on our team”

Marsha Lacey
Auto Craft President (March 2012 to Sept. 2014)
Auto Craft Collision Repair

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TJ Smith  150x150 - What Clients Are Saying

“Matthew’s extensive knowledge of web and S.E.O., along with the fresh perspective he brought to the discussion, proved to be just what our team of creatives needed. Our new website reflects many of his insights and the performance continues to grow. My hats off to Matthew Rupp Consulting!”

TJ Smith
US Logo, Inc.

“I wanted to thank you for the work you have done on behalf of Midwest Kia. We have already seen outstanding results from your team’s efforts. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking to improve their on-line presence and maximize their results while minimizing their costs. Thank you, keep up the good work”!

John R. Whitmer
Director of Marketing
MidWest KIA

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Gina Terry 166 - What Clients Are Saying

“Matthew is creative, authentic, and truly cares abut his clients success. His passion for what he does comes across in everything he does. We have seen a noticeable increase in business since we began working with him. “

Gina Terry
Mount Hope Nursing Center

“It’s great working with a company that can take care of all of our online marketing needs. Whether it is website help, graphic design, strategy, content, videos or our google listing Matthew Rupp Consulting does it all! Love his passion for what he does!”

Paula Miller
Marketing Director
Pleasant View Nursing Home (Inman, KS)

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dave martine 133 - What Clients Are Saying

“With Matthew you don’t just get a website, you get a relationship. Matthew and his team has done a great job driving traffic to our website.”

Dave Martine

“Matthew is an amazing person who gives his heart and soul to his business and to his clients. He is a visionary, he sees what others don’t… Yet! Amazing work”

Monica Werczberger
Empowerment Coach
iPEC Coaching

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Mike Macomber 150x150 - What Clients Are Saying

“4Media is a media buying service. We are essentially the gatekeeper for our clients marketing budgets. I found Matthew after 4 years of searching for somebody smart, reliable, and ethical to help our clients with their digital needs. When it comes to web design and SEO I just don’t think you can beat the model Matthew brings to the table. He stands behind his work and has a way of delivering value every day. When you talk about online marketing and web design it can easily drag out for months and begs for leadership, Matthew brings that leadership to the table. He just makes the process easy and effective.”

Mike Macomber
4 Media Advertising

“Three years ago I sat in a seminar at Wichita State taught by Matthew Rupp hoping to gain some insight into this elusive thing called Search Engine Optimization. Matthew and I have worked together over the years and his guidance and understanding has saved my companies thousands of dollars in setting up webpages correctly, plus giving us a roadmap for inbound marketing. If you want your website to be more than a billboard and, instead, an active marketing tool for actual leads, contact Matthew with Matthew Rupp Consulting. His thought leadership and passion is infectious as well as undeniable.”

Eric T. Edwards
Director of Marketing and Digital Media
The Lewer Companies, Kansas City

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Wendy Veatch 121 - What Clients Are Saying

“Matthew is one of the most dedicated entrepreneurs I have worked with. He is always innovating and taking on the next challenge while always finding time to mentor others. Few in the business world get true customer service like Matthew does and he continues to look for ways to strengthen that skill.”

Wendy Veatch
Director of Programming
Center for Entrepreneurship
Wichita State University

“We have been using Matthew Rupp Consulting for several years for everything from market research, website rebuild and digital marketing,. The team at Matthew Rupp Consulting is very attentive and they know their stuff. We have several on-going projects in the works and they provide monthly status updates on how our precious marketing dollars are being spent.”

Josh Shorter
Integrated Components

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marsha - What Clients Are Saying

“The marketing team at The Print Source, Inc. was fortunate to connect with Mr. Rupp, of Matthew Rupp Consulting, at an executive breakfast where he presented on websites and SEO. We ended up working together on a Google My Business recovery project that was very important to our company. We greatly appreciated his expertise and would highly recommend his services.”

Marsha Landis
Director of Marketing
Print Source, Wichita, KS.

“Matthew had a whole list of ideas on how to take our website and online presence and put them to work for us. He is fun to work with, knows what he is talking about and has the ability to make sense of so many things when it comes to Google and online marketing. We really enjoy working with him.”

Jenifer Payne
General Manager
Chisholm Creek Pet Resort

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jason miller 166 - What Clients Are Saying

“Matthew is a dedicated marketing consultant who is knowledgeable about Internet Marketing and the best SEO practices based on your business. He is has been as invested in the growth of my company as I have been and has been a valuable asset to the growth of my on-line presence. Matthew and his team are always quick to respond. In the few short months that Matthew and Matthew Rupp Consulting have been working on my website I have seen my page rank and impressions for a number of keyword searches grow by leaps and bounds. Matthew is enthusiastic about SEO and Internet Marketing.”

Jason Miller P.A.
Attorney, Valencia, CA.

“Matthew is very committed to the success of his clients. He has a knack for taking the complicated and making it easy. He improved our website and is now putting it to WORK for my business!”

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LeveringToby 166 - What Clients Are Saying

“Matthew was a tremendous help to us by consulting with us to make our website the best it can be.

His insights were tremendously valuable to us and we have already begun implementing them.

He is knowledgeable, professional and will be an absolute asset to anyone looking to take their website to the next level”

Toby Levering
Youth Minister
Northside Church of Christ

“Like so many HVAC owners, we had been lied to and jerked around by several marketing companies when we met Matthew and his team. Something about Matthew and his passion for helping HVAC owners resonated with me, so I gave them a shot. We are getting more phone calls from NEW customers than we have in years! I love that they have new ideas, are persistent, creative, and show they care about our success.”

Roger Findley
Just Right Heating & Cooling

roger findley - What Clients Are Saying