You know what I love? Being authentic and doing work I am proud of. Read my story and you will learn:

  • Why I am so proud of what my clients have to say about working with me
  • Why I created this Massive Guide to Dominating Google
  • Why I put together this awesome team of smart and creative people
  • Why I named my business Saw Web Marketing after my boys Skyler, Aiden & Will

Why is pricing for SEO services so challenging?

  • The time and resources necessary to show significant results varies a great deal depending on the industry.
  • Some aspects of SEO like blogging, link building, and promotions could easily be part time, if not full time, jobs.
  • Proper SEO takes time to really pay off and be of benefit. It’s not just something that you can immediately see a result from, like painting a house or fixing a car.
  • It makes a big difference if this is a project we are doing for you or if it is a joint effort with your team.

After a great deal of thought and experience helping clients see improved rankings and traffic (and dollars in the bank), I started to rethink how I charge my clients. The goal was to determine how to bring value to all of my clients, not just those who spend a great deal of money.

The first thing I did was create a massive step-by-step plan for dominating Google. (It’s a work in process and far from complete at 27 chapters and 52 pages.)

Hopefully from briefly glancing at that guide you can tell it’s not something you can easily just hand off to somebody and expect them to “do it” for you. Turning your website into a tool that truly WORKS for your business and is a VALUABLE asset that brings in REAL leads on a consistent basis isn’t fast or easy. It’s work, it’s involved, and it’s ‘messy’ – but it’s worth it.

Our plans start at $2000 a month

What you get in exchange is:

  • Access to and monthly meetings with Matthew Rupp, an experienced, knowledgeable specialist, who knows how to get your business to the top of Google – and keep it there.
  • You also get a set number of hours you can use with his team of incredibly talented freelancers:
    • Project manager
    • Developer
    • Copywriters
    • Editors
    • Graphic Designer
    • Social media whiz
  • Access to our project management platform that allows you to see who is assigned to your account, the status of all the different tasks in process, what is complete for the month, and milestones for all the important tasks.

If you take a look at the it will give you a rough overview of all the areas we will be working on for your business.

table of contents - Work With Me


Some bonus tools we provide all our clients:

  • A tool that shows you an actual heat map of what exactly is getting clicked on when people visit your website (and what isn’t)
  • A platform that makes it easy to find and share content on all of your social media profiles – quickly and easily
  • Excellent reporting every month (that you can understand)
  • A tool that makes it easy for your customers to leave positive reviews on the most important platforms

Just shoot me a message or give me a call at 316-285-0729 if you would like to learn more or have any questions.

How I got started in this business and why I am so confident I can help you.

Here is an example of work we did for Cambridge Family Dentistry (right here in Wichita) they rank #1 and #5 and #6 for an extremely competitive keyword ‘dental implants wichita ks’  (This is 25% of the first page of Google – that’s what I would love to do for your business!)

Cambridge results - Work With Me


It’s your turn. Let’s put your website to work.