7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google


My name is Matthew Rupp and I am the CEO of Matthew Rupp Consulting in Wichita, KS. We specialize in helping brick and mortar service businesses that serve their local market dominate Google. I love helping companies improve their rankings on Google. It’s challenging, it’s dynamic, and if you have the right client in the right industry, you can bring them a TREMENDOUS amount of real world value.

Actually, I don’t like the word “value”– you can’t pay your employees or your bills with value and that’s what my clients are looking for and what I bring to the table. Growth. A clear advantage over their competition. Dollars in the bank.

The website we will be looking at today is – http://www.timjlarsonlaw.com/

Before we jump in I have to warn you – this is a pretty deep dive. Think 50 pages and 8k words – with lots of images and screenshots so it’s not as boring as it sounds! We are going to review the Larson website, content, and competition, optimize their site, and links, with the goal of lining out exactly what needs done to help them dominate the “estate planning” niche in Wichita, KS. Here’s a teaser of what’s to come:

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Section 1: Is SEO worth pursuing?

Section 2: Website Feedback

Section 3: How to rank better on Google

If you have any questions about a particular section or just want to get right to work addressing all these items feel free to give Matthew a call at (316) 285-0729 or you can send an email here.


SECTION 1: Is SEO worth pursuing

How well is the Larson website helping the business?

Let’s start with how “worth it” is it to the Larson team to improve their rankings on Google?

How much traffic is there to be had?

Where are they ranking today for the highest volume keywords?

Back in 2010, I was running a party rental business and getting that business ranking in the top 3 for 64 of the most important keywords and on the first page for 119 total keywords translated to 200k in sales growth in 18 months but not every industry has that potential – and some have a LOT more to gain.

img01 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Let’s take a peek at Google and see how well the Larson website is ranking for some of the most popular keywords:

img02 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
According to this in depth post from Moz, we get a pretty good idea who is getting what percentage of this traffic.

img03 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
McCafferty is crushing it with 36% of all traffic (for estate planning Wichita,KS) and listed twice in the top 5 spots.

The Larson website is #1 on the second page

img04 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google

Let’s look at “need help with a will”:

img05 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Google didn’t find anything local or return anything useful related to wills.

Let’s try “setting up a will Wichita KS”

img06 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Not much, but there is McCafferty again. #2 for estate planning Wichita,KS.

Let’s look at “trust administration WichitaKS”:

img07 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
A couple new players and there is McCafferty again.

Let’s try one more keyword, “probate WichitaKS” and see who, according to Google, the players are:

img08 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
One new player and McCafferty again. This guy is crushing it compared to everybody else in Wichita.


Huge Opportunity (waiting to be capitalized on)

One thing I noticed in browsing through the Larson site (and a number of other estate planners here in Wichita) is a lack of “genuine” content that really related to me personally.

This is an enormous opportunity waiting to be capitalized on.

I see this all the time: the client wants to rank for “insert keyword they think is important here,”I think the greater opportunity is probably “something else” (because I am one step removed from the clients business) and we do some keyword research and find out we were both wrong. That happens ALL the time.

It’s important to realize a couple things when thinking about content for your website

  • 16-20% of searches on Google have never been searched for before.
    img1 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
  • http://www.internetlivestats.com/google-search-statistics/
  • People search for words and strings of words THEY think of when they think of your industry (which may be very different than what you, your competition, your friends, or coworkers believe that may be)

The best plan for success is to create content that answers your actual client’s pain points:

  • What are they struggling with?
  • What questions do they commonly ask you?
  • What are they looking for?

THAT is the content that will resonate with visitors to your website and I have seen very little of that so far.

We have a content section coming up – so sit tight on that idea!

Okay, so now we know that the Larson website isn’t ranking very well for a number of popular keywords. Now we need to know how much search volume are those keywords getting? If 10 people per month are searching for those keywords, there is no reason to even care about ranking on Google better.


Keywords (getting your piece of 5k searches a month)

Let’s jump into Google Adwords and take a quick look at how often are people looking for some of the most popular keywords? A keyword is simply a word or strings of words people type into Google when they are searching for something.

We will focus on Wichita and Sedgwick County, specifically.

img2 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
We find a pretty small amount of searches a month for these keywords (in the Wichita area)

img3 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
80 searches a month: Nothing to write home about.

BUT, remember how I touched on how people use an incredible number of keywords when they search for what you would think is essentially the same subject?

This is where that starts to make sense. Check this out.

Keyword Avg. Monthly Searches (exact match only)
1 power of attorney 90
2 Will 70
3 power of attorney form 50
4 living will 50
5 durable power of attorney 40
6 probate 40
7 wills 30
8 last will and testament 20
9 living trust 20
10 durable power of attorney form 20
11 irrevocable trust 20
12 revocable trust 20
13 estate tax 20
14 probate court 10
15 lasting power of attorney 10
16 making a will 10
17 enduring power of attorney 10
18 trusts 10
19 power of attorney forms 10
20 estate planning attorney 10
21 power of attorney template 10
22 medical power of attorney 10
23 powers of attorney 10
24 power attorney 10
25 probate process 10
26 financial power of attorney 10
27 will writing 10
28 online will 10
29 wills and trusts 10
30 will and testament 10
31 medical power of attorney form 10
32 executor of will 10
33 executor 10
34 special power of attorney 10
35 probate fees 10
36 limited power of attorney 10
37 wills and probate 10
38 specific power of attorney 10
39 probate attorney 10
40 power of attorney document 10
41 estate planning lawyer 10
42 estate lawyer 10
43 power attorney form 10
44 executor of a will 10
45 legal will 10
46 special power of attorney form 10
47 health care power of attorney 10
48 probate lawyer 10
49 estate planning for dummies 10
50 durable power of attorney for health care 10
51 limited power of attorney form 10
52 estate planning checklist 10
53 trusts and estates 10
54 probate a will 10
55 living trusts 10
56 asset protection 10
57 power of attorneys 10
58 dual power of attorney 10
59 probate will 10
60 legal power of attorney 10
61 estate law 10
62 estate planning attorneys 10
63 living will template 10
64 wills and estates 10
65 will online 10
66 special needs trust 10
67 power of attorney cost 10
68 will executor 10
69 living will forms 10
70 estate planning lawyers 10
71 poa form 10
72 power of attorney letter 10
73 conservatorship 10
74 probate property 10
75 revocation of power of attorney 10
76 make your own will 10
77 financial power of attorney form 10
78 making a will online 10
79 wills and estate planning 10
80 preparing a will 10
81 probate lawyers 10
82 revoke power of attorney 10
83 getting power of attorney 10
84 writing your own will 10
85 power of attorney for health care 10
86 trust attorney 10
87 estate planning basics 10
88 probate estate 10
89 executor duties 10
90 forms for power of attorney 10
91 estate planning trusts 10
92 will making 10
93 the power of attorney 10
94 executor fees 10
95 probate search 10
96 simple power of attorney 10
97 estate lawyers 10
98 power of attorney papers 10
99 probates 10
100 estate planning law 10
101 estate probate 10
102 legal power of attorney form 10
103 power of attorney documents 10
104 will and probate 10
105 power of attorney form download 10
106 will preparation 10
107 setting up a trust 10
108 a living will 10
109 estate executor 10
110 will trust 10
111 asset protection trust 10
112 wills probate 10
113 estate trust 10
114 power of attorney form pdf 10
115 legal wills 10
116 life estate 10
117 will and trust 10
118 register of wills 10
119 durable medical power of attorney 10
120 wills trusts and estates 10
121 blank power of attorney form 10
122 probate costs 10
123 personal will 10
124 simple wills 10
125 medical durable power of attorney 10
126 make will 10
127 joint will 10
128 testamentary trust 10
129 power of attorney paperwork 10
130 simple power of attorney form 10
131 deceased estate 10
132 will and estate planning 10
133 power of atty 10
134 will s 10
135 will lawyer 10
136 last will & testament 10
137 power of attorney example 10
138 estate planning documents 10
139 a power of attorney 10
140 estate attorneys 10
141 durable power of attorney forms 10
142 power of attorney lawyer 10
143 poa forms 10
144 will documents 10
145 probate offices 10
146 estate administration 10
147 will testament 10
148 probate real estate 10
149 health care power of attorney form 10
150 power attorney forms 10
151 inheritance planning 10
152 applying for probate 10
153 revoking power of attorney 10
154 wills and probate law 10
155 my will 10
156 probate laws 10
157 temporary power of attorney 10
158 power of attorney pdf 10
159 health power of attorney 10
160 health care directive 10
161 legal forms power of attorney 10
162 trust law 10
163 power of attorney for property 10
164 trust and estate planning 10
165 power of authority 10
166 probating a will 10
167 probated will 10
168 drafting a will 10
169 family trusts 10
170 elder care attorney 10
171 where to get power of attorney 10
172 create a will 10
173 power of attorney lawyers 10
174 printable power of attorney 10
175 will and power of attorney 10
176 power of attorney templates 10
177 make a will online 10
178 probate attorneys 10
179 living wills forms 10
180 will power of attorney 10
181 trusts and wills 10
182 power of attorney for 10
183 power of attorney medical 10
184 living trust attorney 10
185 probate attorney fees 10
186 durable poa 10
187 trust estate 10
188 probate cost 10
189 pour over will 10
190 trust lawyers 10
191 living will and trust 10
192 right of attorney 10
193 where to get a power of attorney 10
194 estate planning information 10
195 write will 10
196 making a living will 10
197 forms power of attorney 10
198 durable power attorney 10
199 probate records 10
200 will attorney 10
201 trust planning 10
202 medical power of attorney forms 10
203 probate court records 10
204 estate will 10
205 where can i get a power of attorney 10
206 final will and testament 10
207 making will 10
208 living will document 10
209 will planning 10
210 probate of a will 10
211 wills power of attorney 10
212 ordinary power of attorney form 10
213 revocable living trusts 10
214 will format 10
215 power of attorney for finances 10
216 local probate office 10
217 power of attorney financial 10
218 probate procedure 10
219 full power of attorney form 10
220 wills attorney 10
221 where can i get a power of attorney form 10
222 will contest 10
223 writing a living will 10
224 family limited partnership 10
225 estates and trusts 10
226 write my own will 10
227 probate and wills 10
228 writing your will 10
229 probate documents 10
230 death will 10
231 creating a trust 10
232 planning law 10
233 trust lawyer 10
234 no will probate 10
235 elder law attorneys 10
236 get a will 10
237 inheritance taxes 10
238 is probate required 10
239 wills and probate records 10
240 a living trust 10
241 executors 10
242 lawyer for power of attorney 10
243 power of authority form 10
244 statutory power of attorney 10
245 revocable trusts 10
246 durable power of attorney for healthcare 10
247 living wills and trusts 10
248 durable financial power of attorney 10
249 power of attorney rights 10
250 estate planning will 10
251 irrevocable trusts 10
252 living will trust 10
253 durable healthcare power of attorney 10
254 where to get power of attorney forms 10
255 legal documents power of attorney 10
256 elder attorney 10
257 legal trust 10
258 wills trusts 10
259 probate no will 10
260 living will lawyer 10
261 family living trust 10
262 attorney for power of attorney 10
263 house in probate 10
264 living will documents 10
265 make a living will 10
266 living trusts and wills 10
267 financial poa 10
268 power of attorney health 10
269 poa paperwork 10
270 power of attorney revocation 10
271 special needs trusts 10
272 power of attorney for healthcare 10
273 is probate necessary 10
274 where can i get power of attorney forms 10
275 financial and estate planning 10
276 power 0f attorney 10
277 where to get a power of attorney form 10
278 death probate 10
279 power of attorney will 10
280 estate laws 10
281 financial durable power of attorney 10
282 will in probate 10
283 where do i get a power of attorney 10
284 lawyers estate planning 10
285 probate proceedings 10
286 real estate probate 10
287 create power of attorney 10
288 will lawyers 10
289 making a will legal 10
290 attorney power of attorney 10
291 power of atty form 10
292 living will power of attorney 10
293 where to get power of attorney form 10
294 does a will have to be probated 10
295 where to find power of attorney forms 10
296 planning a will 10
297 will maker 10
298 medicaid estate planning 10
299 will writer 10
300 probate the will 10
301 power of attorneys forms 10
302 family will 10
303 in probate 10
304 home wills 10
305 where to get a will 10
306 wills & estates 10
307 trusts estate planning 10
308 power of attorney pdf form 10
309 elder attorneys 10
310 power of attorney for legal matters 10
311 power of attorney for financial 10
312 trust will 10
313 powers of attorneys 10
314 death wills 10
315 free wills 10
316 legal forms 10
317 free power of attorney form 10
318 last will and testament forms 10
319 make my will 10
320 where do i get a power of attorney form 10
321 last will and testament form 10
322 estate in probate 10
323 sample power of attorney 10
324 generic power of attorney 10
325 last will and testament template 10
326 rights of power of attorney 10
327 how to get a power of attorney 10
328 power of attorney for child 10
329 how to get power of attorney 10
330 will probate process 10
331 free power of attorney forms 10
332 a durable power of attorney 10
333 free power of attorney 10
334 example of a will 10
335 estate administration attorney 10
336 durable power of atty 10
337 power of attorney explained 10
338 lawyer for wills 10
339 do i need power of attorney 10
340 texas power of attorney 10
341 signing as power of attorney 10
342 elder care law 10
343 power of attorney form free 10
344 elder law firm 10
345 what is power of attorney 10
346 what can a power of attorney do 10
347 joint wills 10
348 letters of administration 10
349 what is probate 10
350 non durable power of attorney 10
351 probate power of attorney 10
352 probate with a will 10
353 do i need a lawyer for power of attorney 10
354 elder law lawyers 10
355 sample power of attorney form 10
356 downloadable power of attorney form 10
357 probate after death 10
358 estate planning 10

3940 searches a month

This is closer to FIVE THOUSAND searches a month related to what the Larson firm offers, right here in Wichita and Sedgwick County. That’s a LOT. Now, not all of these show “intent” like “need help with estate planning” and most of them have a low search volume, but considering this was just a small sample of the total keywords typed into Google each month, yeah, I think it’s safe to say there is serious benefit for the Larson firm to rank better on Google.

A blog post about Keyword Research we did for a spine surgeon that was very interesting


REALLY big opportunity (if played well)

If you look at the above sampling there is a TREMENDOUS number of searches related to “power of attorney” right here in Wichita, KS, and not ONE local company is even trying to fill it. When it comes to marketing online, that is a great big present being left on your door with a big red bow on top. It’s a natural fit and I have a hard time believing that if a local estate planning firm went to the trouble to put together a helpful form that people could download for free (in multiple formats), with no hassle, that NONE of those people would be in the market for a smart team of estate planners and trust administrators at the Larson firm.

This would be EASY to rank for and guess what, while they are getting their free form, they also see:

  • What you need to be aware of with ‘free’ Power of Attorney forms you find online
  • Why Power of Attorney might not be the right answer
  • Questions to ask before you sign a Power of Attorney
  • What if you signed a Power of Attorney and now you wish you hadn’t?
  • Options besides Power of Attorney
  • Read this before you think about giving somebody Power of Attorney

I know very little about Power of Attorney forms and not much more about estate planning so without talking to somebody smarter than myself I don’t know how best to capitalize on this niche. I just know there is tremendous search volume and nobody local is filling that need and there is a number of ways, from an SEO perspective, the Larson team could benefit from this.

Not one local result for “power of attorney WichitaKS”

img4 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
On my second pass, I noticed Cathleen Gulledge squeezed in at the very bottom of that page.

OK, so now we know the Larson team isn’t ranking on Google as well as they would probably like. We know there is an impressive number of searches per month, (thousands) right in their immediate area.



I will start with providing some feedback on the website. Why start with the website? Good question.

What is the point of improving rankings and building the Larson brand online, driving 5-10x the amount of traffic to the site if only a very small percentage of those visitors actually act on it?

It’s very common that a handful of tweaks to a client’s site can bring the fastest bottom line results.


The site itself is very well put together. Very clean and professional. Fresh. Not messy or overwhelming like so many sites today.

1. I love the clean, professional, well-lit image of the actual office.
img5 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
2. I love that they are very clear right up front about what they do
img6 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
3. Real people on the homepage is excellent. People want to do business with “real” people.

img7 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google


This isn’t meant to be remotely negative in any way. While the Larson website looks great, there are some things you can do to make a significant difference in what percentage of their visitors reached out to them.

1. Adding an ABOUT page.

We install a tool in all our clients’ sites that provides us an actual heat map of their website so we can see exactly what is getting clicked on (and what isn’t).It’s amazing how many times the About page of my clients site is the HIGHEST viewed page of their entire website.

  • While the Larson site has an “our team”page and good bios of the attorneys, an About page will go further: It will answer the who, what, where, when, and why the business started.

Few examples for the tool we use for all our clients.

Here is my site – http://www.sawwebmarketing.com/

img8 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Actual clicks

img9 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Cambridge Family Dentistry – http://www.cambridgefamilydentists.com/

img10 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Actual heatmap of what is getting clicked on

img11 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Treescapes in Andover – http://www.treescapeit.com/

1 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Actual heatmap of the most recent 1,236 visits

2 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
It’s easy to see people want to do business with “real” people that they can relate to, that they can trust or feel can solve their problems.

2. The text on the homepage:

1 1 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
This is such a thick heavy block of text that very few people will read it. Still, there is vital information here:

  • Services provided
  • Services NOT provided
  • One attorney was recognized as a “Top Lawyer” in the State of Kansas.

I think this is a missed opportunity and if the home page quickly informed visitors that they were in the right place, you would have a higher conversion rate. A separate About page will clear this up.

3. www.timjlarsonlaw.com/resources

This is a big opportunity as well. This page has a lot of documents that I am sure people would find very helpful. But there are issues:

  • The documents are “buried” in Word documents that visitors can use, but Google can’t see them, so it doesn’t help you rank.
  • Clicking on one takes you away from the website – it should open in a new window.
  • There is no contact information for Larson on any of the documents.

1 2 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
If this content is original and not duplicate content from another site, the best way to display these would be to make them actual pages of the site with the option to download a copy if they wish. This would allow Google to see a true wealth of relevant content.


When it comes to this website, I saved the most important for last.

In the navigation we have

2 1 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Let’s see where this takes us. http://timjlarsonlaw.com/practice

Once again, I am going to reiterate I am not being negative or critical when I review this website. My intention is to help show the Larson team what would help them start ranking on Google (without having to pay for Adwords).

This page is essentially worthless. Let me explain:

We have to remember that Googles “job,” their very success as a company, lies in returning the BEST possible result based on what somebody types into that search bar. Google looks at hundreds of factors and are very, very good at this. When we look at this page we see that the Larson team specializes in

3 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
And then we have a whole pile of other areas we can click on to ‘learn more’.

Is there any chance that Google is going to think this one page dedicated to living wills http://timjlarsonlaw.com/practice/living-wills is the BEST possible result in Wichita, KS? No.

4 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Is there any possibility, however remote, that Google might determine this page http://timjlarsonlaw.com/practice/small-business-planning is the BEST possible result related to “small and family owned business planning in Wichita, KS?


5 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
If there is zero chance the Larson website will rank #1 for these terms, all they are doing is muddying the water and making it harder for them to rank for what they really care about – Revocable Trusts, Trust Administration and Wills, their specialties.

Quick story: we moved into our home about a year ago (close to Valley Center and love it). Shortly after we moved in, we had a guy come out to give us a bid on a privacy fence. While he was out, he wanted to write up a bid for pest control, landscaping, the fence and something else.

Did I hire that guy for any of those things? NO.

I know there was no way he was REALLY good at all those things. The same with Google. If you tell Google you are the BEST at fixing everything related to a car they know that isn’t true and when somebody searches for transmissions or windshield repair you will get companies that are good at THOSE things.

The more you can narrow your focus in and really show your users first (and then Google) that you are reputable and very good at that specific item the better you will rank.

The same is true with Google.

When we click on the ‘Revocable Trusts’ we should see as much relevant, useful content related to Revocable Trusts as possible.

  • FAQ
  • Images
  • Testimonials
  • Why is the Larson team uniquely qualified to help with Revocable Trusts
  • External links related to Revocable Trusts
  • Video or useful content related to Revocable Trusts
  • A guide to understanding what they are and what the limitations are
  • When do you need a revocable trust and when you don’t

Let me show you an example of what I see when I Google “windows Wichita KS” that might help.

11 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Take a look at this site if you would – http://www.windowworldwichita.com/

2 2 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google


  • Is there ANY doubt in the world this site is ALL about windows?
  • Is there ANY chance you will call them with a question about windows they can’t answer?
  • Is it blatantly obvious they have a wealth of real world experience when it comes to windows? Absolutely.
    1. We have useful links that relate to windows
    2. We have a list of different kinds of windows
    3. And windows inside doors and types of doors
    4. Icons for industry associations
    5. Window styles
    6. Colors of windows
    7. Window styles
    8. Accreditations
    9. 13 reasons to buy from Window World
    10. Company history
    11. Written reviews
    12. Video reviews
    13. Financing
    14. TON of resources

ALL related to windows!

Granted, they definitely went overboard with that site and Estate planning is not the same as replacement windows, but hopefully you see my point. It is very easy for Google to see that website is very clearly all about windows – you name it, financing, repairing, and replacing windows of every shape and size.

The Larson team wouldn’t need to go THAT far but trying to get them to rank for important keywords, that they specialize in, would be much easier with more content that helps Google understand why they deserve to be #1 when it comes to Revocable Trusts, Trust Administration and Wills.


4 Questions that need answered

Here is an excellent article about four questions every website should answer as quickly as possible – http://menwithpens.ca/questions-website/

  1. Who are you?
    We know that very quickly.
    Could add an About page and make the homepage more focused on what their clients care about
  2. Why should I care?
    Tell your visitors enough about you that they know you’re qualified for the job, and then put the bulk of your efforts on showing people that they’re dealing with a human being who cares about them, their problems and helping them find a solution.This is an opportunity
  3. Can I trust you?
    While reading your website, your potential client is skeptical. Everyone is. And that person is thinking, “Yeah, right. Why should I believe any of this?”Do you answer that question?I think this is another opportunity. The pieces are all there, but it’s hard to quickly glean which is what people do with websites pages. Some logos or links to some of these organizations mentioned below would give the Larson team a great deal more credibility.
    aq - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
    aaa - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
    I think a handful of well-placed logos and meaningful testimonials could give this website a tremendous of credibility to their visitors, which is imperative when it comes to their business I can only imagine.
    1212 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
  4. What’s next?
    This is definitely one of the greatest opportunity this website has. The look is clean and professional. Bios of real people, Q&A is great, and their practice areas are listed, but there is no ‘Call to Action’ to be had. This doesn’t have to be a cheesy “Call today, operatory are standing by!”It could be a simple “This is where we are located and these are our hours and this is our number, if you have questions about ‘x’ we are here to help.”Or maybe a friendly guide they can download for free for each of the age groups listed on this page – http://www.timjlarsonlaw.com/planning-process nothing pushy just a friendly invite or a way to get more information.A few clients I’ve had were surprised when, after we added an“Ask a Question” box to their site, the questions were coming in late at night. But it makes sense: This is when the kids are in bed and they have a chance to actually work on something. You aren’t around to answer the phone then, so an online form makes sense.With Google Analytics, it is easy to set up these calls to actions as “goals” and then be able to see exactly what percentage of visitors to your site took this action and that one, this can be invaluable in tracking how well your website is actually “working” for your business.

4 SMALL ITEMS (worth fixing)

  1. I wouldn’t make people scroll down the home page to find the phone number or address. Granted it’s right in the sidebar and you don’t have to scroll much, but people find this annoying to have to look for this.
  2. This page is bringing no value to the table – http://www.timjlarsonlaw.com/links (honestly I haven’t seen one of these in years. I admit I clicked on MSN just to see if it worked, that’s how long it’s been since I have been to the MSN site 🙂
  3. The map of where the office is located on the contact page needs to be an actual working Google Map. The benefits of this alone could be tremendous. This is one of several ways you are telling Google this is who we are and where we are located.
    map - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
  4. I would lose the ‘naked’ email address. This is a magnet for spam. Where this is on the homepage and on the sidebar of some of the pages I would replace it with “contact us” and link to the Contact page. OK, 7810 words and 48 pages in, let’s move off the site and bring this ship back into port!
    cd - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google

SECTION 3: How to Rank Better on Google

Tell Google who you are and what you do

First things first, after the website you need to tell Google who you are, what you do, and where you are located!

To the delight of many in the SEO world, Google rolled out a platform called “Google My Business” on June 11th, 2014. This platform allows business owners to log in and claim locations, edit info and upload photos.

This is step ONE in improving your rankings, especially for companies serving their local area.

More on this subject:



Content. Content. Content.

content is king - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google



In a nutshell (I will provide links below you can read if you want to know more) is this:

  • “Estate Planning” for example is a very general term and has roughly 8,560 searches (nationwide) for this term every month and a tremendous amount of competition (over 67,000,000 website pages all fighting to rank for this keyword)
  • “Estate planning for farmers” has less search volume, only 2,120 searches and only 4,500,000 competing pages.
  • “Estate planning for couples, WichitaKS”has even less search volume, 30 plus a month and very few competing pages.
  • “Estate planning for second marriages, WichitaKS” has about 40 searches a month and by the time I got to the bottom of page 4 on Google, I started getting sites that weren’t relevant or local which means only 40 (local) websites are ranking for this keyword at all. (Of course McCafferty is at the top of that list).

mccafferty again - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
When you add up the hundreds and hundreds (oftentimes thousands) of keywords that people type into Google when they are searching something,the ones at the top of the long tail are called “head terms.”These get a LOT of traffic and are very difficult to rank for thanks to lots of competition and lots of strong competitors. As you move down the tail the keywords get more and more specific and easier to rank for.

What is so great about the long tail of search?

70% OF ALL SEARCHES ARE IN THE LONG TAIL. Regardless of your industry.

70 percent - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Thing about it, which would you rather try and rank #1 on Google for?

  • A very general, very popular keyword like “accident attorney” that gets thousands of visits a month (many of which are very general and have no buying intent) and costs a fortune and a mountain of time to rank for?
  • Or 15-20 mucheasier keywords that get less traffic but are 100x easier to rank for?

The key is to target keywords that, added together, have significant search volume but not a great deal of competition (or strong competitors)

This is a tremendous opportunity for small businesses to beat the much bigger players in their market – while spending very, very little money.

That means you could never rank #1 for ‘home builder,’ or ‘estate planning,’ or ‘body shop,’ or ‘exterminator,’ and STILL have growing traffic and greater and greater sales and never rank #1 for your ‘top’ keyword!

Let your competition bang their head against the wall trying to rank for terms that are crazy competitive, have no intent, will take forever and expensive as can be to try and rank for

You can read more about long tail keywords here if you wish:



So what is a great way for the Larson firm to create a wealth of Long Tail keywords and dramatically improve their chances of ranking better and turning their website into a true asset that helps grow the firm?

Interview a client (or potential client) once a month. Hell, have a mock interview with their IT guy, receptionist, or a friend.

That’s it. Take me for example. Imagine if one of the attorneys on the Larson team and I were to sit down and we had a conversation where I asked questions and they answered them and we made a blog post out of this every month, what would we have?

A ton of really, really great long tail content. What would make it SO great?

They would be answering MY questions, a potential client who isn’t familiar (very much) with estate planning. This means I would be using verbiage that their customers are using when they search on Google!

I am 43 and married and have 3 kids. I own my home and have a little bit of stocks and cash in an IRA. I own about $140,000 in vending equipment and an SEO business (that I love).

  • What do I need to worry about first?
  • What would happen to my assets if I were in an accident and died tomorrow?
  • How would an LLC help?
  • What can I do to help my family has as little hassle as possible if I were gone?
  • What should I be concerned about most at my age?

My questions, coupled with their simple answers (doesn’t have to be elaborate), times 6-10 of these could work wonders for helping the Larson website rank for keywords that have intent, very little competition yet enough search volume to make them worthwhile – that’s a perfect recipe for SEO success. (Coupled with a handful of these other suggestions of course)

More on this subject

Creating content for a boring industry? No problem.




The Larson website is mobile friendly. This is so important and only becoming more and more important. On April 21st, 2015, Google came right out and said that mobile friendly sites will get a boost in the rankings. Less than a month later Google announced that in 10 countries (including the US) more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers.

mobile friendly test - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
More on this subject:





What does it mean to ‘optimize’ a website page? Trust me, it’s not as complex as many SEO ‘know-it-alls’ want you to believe.J

Let’s run through a GOOD example real quick. We will take this page for example –


(This is a dentist here in Wichita I got ranking #1, #5 AND #6 on the first page of Google – all at the same time!)

Let’s take a look at how well this page is optimized for ‘dental implants’

This is called the ‘Title Tag’ and is the #1 suggestion in the Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide put out by Google themselves.

asdf - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google


This is perfect. The most important keyword we want to rank for is FIRST. Not the business name which is a huge mistake I see almost daily. Our goal is to rank for “dental implants” not “Cambridge Dentistry.”

Here we have “dental implants” again in the website address. Perfect!

aaa 1 - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
The title of the page itself mentions “dental implants.”Perfect!

mini dental - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
We have a YouTube video on the page about dental implants

tt - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google

cc - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google



testimonials - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Is there ANY doubt to Google what it page is about? None. Zip. Zero.

That, my dear friends, is a page very well optimized for ‘dental implants’. A huge mistake would be to muddy the water about how great Cambridge is at all kinds of dentistry or how they have the best waiting rooms for example.

Let’s take a peek at the Larson website real quick and see how well it is optimized around a specific keyword.

I will use this page because it’s the one with the most content and images – http://www.timjlarsonlaw.com/planning-process

The Title tag should start with the most important keyword first, then the city you want to rank in and then the business name (or brand) IF it fits. In this case it would ideally be “estate planning” since “planning process” is very general and could be related to planning a new neighborhood, airport and campout.

The Title Tag is your opportunity to tell Google what this page is ABOUT and what you want it to rank for.

We are off to a rough start. (Plus having the same Title Tag for every page is a big no, no)

tj - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
This is a great example of content that isn’t bad for visitors to the Larson website, but its making it downright impossible for Google to trust it enough to make it a top result related to estate planning. Long term care was mentioned twice. Charities, savings, profession, business, family, attorney, heir’s needs, succession plans, children and grandchildren, protecting assets, worries, retirement planning were mentioned as many times as “estate planning.”

gg - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
None of the content on the Larson website is bad, in fact, it is far from it. And yes, this page has a LOT of content (which is great) and almost all of it is related somehow to ‘estate planning’. By far this page is a lot better than most that I look at.

I am NOT advocating stuffing your keyword on a page even ONE more time than it naturally fits. The absolute top priority should always be your visitor and what helps them, guides them, solves their pain point in some way.

At the same time hopefully its easy to see how the Cambridge Dentistry page was very clearly about Dental Implants. We told Google what the page was about and we reinforced that, and reinforced it and reinforced it until there was no doubt.

Helpful article on this subject: http://backlinko.com/on-page-seo



Remember at the beginning of this guide when we kept running into the McCafferty website ranking for anything and everything related to ‘trusts’ and ‘estate planning.

There is little wonder why…..


+ People love video. Keeps them on the site longer and they are clicking on something and staying on the site longer which tells Google they are delivering what they said they would (or people would have quickly left)
+ Video is warm, friendly and inviting
+ The site is reasonably well optimized. Could be better but it’s pretty good.
+ Lots of fresh relevant content (recent)
+ Google Map embedded in the site
+ Nice use of important keywords
+ Newsletter archives (long tail keywords)
+ Videos are also on their own YouTube channel (excellent)
+ Workshops
+ Call To Actions galore


To learn more about Michael L. McCafferty and the services provided by his law office, please visit http://www.mccaffertylaw.com. Be sure to subscribe to his FREE Monthly Trusts and Estate Planning newsletter and browse his Newsletter Archives for instant access to previous issues. While you are vising, be sure to check out Mr. McCafferty’s blog at http://blog.mccaffertylaw.com so you can stay up-to-date on estate planning topics, elder law news and estate tax issues that may affect you, your loved ones or your business. 

+ Text is broken up with big bold headers that make the page easy to scan

ETU - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
+ Active on Twitter (related to what he does)

My best guess is Mr. McCafferty spends a pretty penny with – http://www.integritymarketingsolutions.com/

And it’s obvious whatever he is paying them is money very well spent.


MM - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google


Last but certainly not least, no SEO analysis would be complete without talking about good ‘ole links.

Links are when you can click on pretty much anything on website A (line of text, an image, a video, a word) and when you do you are taken to site B. This means website A is providing a back link to website B.

Links always have been a massive factor when it comes to ranking on Google. Actually when Google started it was initially called ‘backrub’ and Google ranked websites with the most links (from highly relevant) websites and that is what is what sent them apart.

Convinced that the pages with the most links to them from other highly relevant Web pages must be the most relevant pages associated with the search, Page and Brin tested their thesis as part of their studies, and laid the foundation for their search engine. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Google

Link building is such an involved, in depth subject I will just share what the link profile for the Larson firm (and the companies ranking high on Google) looks like and leave it at that.

sss - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
Clearly this is an enormous opportunity for the Larson team (and every estate planner in Wichita) when it comes to building links.

I could write for days about how I would build links for the Larson team. The FIRST place we would start would be to compile a list of ALL the links pointing to every firm that offers estate planning in all of Kansas (yes, we can do that) and then explore that list looking for opportunities for the Larson team to earn (or take away) that link for themselves.

Here are a handful of links that Cathleen Gulledge has that would be great (and easy and possibly free) for the Larson team to nail down for themselves.





You can think of everything we have covered so far (7814 words and 54 pages) as firewood and links as the gasoline and time being the match.

If we were to implement the majority of these suggestions and intelligently (and aggressively) build relevant links and give it a little time, that’s it, the Larson firm will dominate Google when it comes to estate planning.

This is what domination looks like and a client we were able to help here in Wichita.

jj - 7,716 Words on What Will Make Larson & Brown #1 on Google
This was actually a pretty small sample of what my team and I could do to improve the results you are seeing from http://timjlarsonlaw.com/ Believe it or not there are 5-6 more areas I didn’t even touch on J

I would love to work with the Larson team and help you dominate Google!

If you would like to have these suggestions (and a lot more) implemented and really see for yourself what it would do for your business to start ranking well for potentially hundreds of different keywords you can reach Matthew at 316-285-0729 or by shooting him an email here.

Little about my company and how I got started – https://matthewrupp.com/about/

Upcoming speaking engagements (here in Wichita) – https://matthewrupp.com/speaking/

Some of my awesome clients I work with – https://matthewrupp.com/what-clients-are-saying/

My Massive Guide to Marketing in the Age of Google I created – https://matthewrupp.com/marketing/marketing-in-the-age-of-google/