What I believe, when it comes to marketing, by Matthew Rupp



The world of marketing has changed in a radical and fundamental way in the last few years, and the kicker is that it isn’t done, and it is going to change so much faster in the next few years.

Much of that marketing change happened online and how we sell to customers and clients there.

I could bury you in impressive stats about how many hours the average person spends on social media sites a day, how much Google made last year selling paid ads ($60 BILLION DOLLARS), and all of the new platforms and channels and fancy terms like site retargeting and video pre-roll.

But I don’t want to do that. Because you already know it’s true, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Think about it:

  • What do you use when you need a phone number? An address? Directions? Check Google.
  • What do you use to check your bank balances? Check Google.
  • What about getting a movie time or connecting with friends and getting your news? Check Google.
  • What about shopping and researching the best prices? Check Google.

You use your phone and you check Google.

google - What I believe, when it comes to marketing, by Matthew Rupp

  • For the first time ever, people are using their phones to access the Internet more than they are using desktop computers.
  • More and more people are getting to choose when and where they consume information, whether it be music, movies, or games, consumers are increasingly in control and this trend will only continue.

The days of interrupting and bombarding your way into your customer’s minds are over!

What I believe

Story Time: I had a meeting with a new client a couple of weeks ago. He was genuinely upset because a competitor of his, who does a small fraction of the volume his company does ,is #1 when you Google “plumbing, wichitaks”. (Yes, I changed the industry to protect the innocent)

“They are nothing compared to us!”

“We do 15 times as much business as they do!”

Fortunately my team and I will help this guy. With his company’s size, resources and smart people working for him I am sure we can take that lead on Google from this smaller company.

But that really got me thinking about the small (and large) businesses in this country. I believe there are thousands of situations just like this all over. However, it is those small companies that still get what the customer wants.

They understand the consumer is back in the driver’s seat.

driver seat - What I believe, when it comes to marketing, by Matthew Rupp

The days of not returning calls promptly, lukewarm staff, poor follow-up after sale, and lackluster commitment to quality are gone. That won’t go unnoticed anymore. Consumers have a voice now, and that voice can make or break you.

I believe there are a LOT of “little guys” who are starting to “get it” and know:

  • How meaningful it is to go that extra mile. Don’t just fix the customer’s car – vacuum it out and give them a $5 gift card to Starbucks or a complimentary air freshener. Little things like that show you really care – and get you a shout out online and maybe a great review.
  • The value of not just asking for a review of the business, but really EARNING those five star reviews. This is much deeper than just SEO and online marketing.
  • Websites aren’t just an expensive postcards. They are platforms to provide VALUE to target audiences and still explains who you are. I have yet to find ONE good sized “successful” company (here locally) that is doing this. Not one.
  • How important it is to find the time to share content that is actually relevant and useful to their target audience on a regular basis on platforms that they actually use.
  • Really LISTEN to their customers, and their pain points. Those who don’t say, “Sorry, that’s just our policy,” when someone has a problem.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I think a lot of “little guys” will be the new BIG guys.

By the time a lot of the big guys figure it out (which they certainly should have by now) the other guy will have such a death grip on that #1 spot on Google, they will have so many backlinks, great content, and influencers who have vouched for them – it won’t matter anymore.

They can run all the newspaper ads, phone book ads, billboards, TV spots, and radio commercials all they want. (If they exist like they do today!)

The “little guy” will own that top spot on Google because they EARNED IT. The impact on a service business that serves their local area and is #1 (or at least in the top 3) on Google has a TREMENDOUS advantage that would cost a true fortune in traditional advertising to ever even compete.  This will only continue to grow.


That #1 spot on Google gets approximately 31% of all visits. #2 gets 14% and #3 gets 10%

the ctr study - What I believe, when it comes to marketing, by Matthew Rupp


That means if you are #4 on the first page on Google for your most popular keywords, the guy who is #1 is getting almost FIVE times the number of visits and phone calls you are.

The top 5 results account for 67% of all the clicks and the results from 6-10 account for only 3.73%.

(These stats are from 2014! Most reliable source I could find)

Which one are you?

  • The little guy who plans to upset the apple cart of all your big competitors?
  • The big guy who wants to maintain (and build on) the lead you have worked so hard for?

You will have to decide.

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